6th Grade

Melissa Walters

7th Grade

Fawn Goldstein

8th Grade

Shirley Hernandez

All Phone Numbers and Emails are Listed Under Faculty and Staff Tab

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How are my child’s classes selected?

Students are placed according to several pieces of data, including FSA scores.  We challenge our students to take the most rigorous courses according to these pieces of data.  Students’ electives were given according to their choices on their course selection form and the availability of the course.

How do I monitor my student’s progress?   

You can monitor your child’s progress through ProgressBook and Canvas.  When you have questions about assignments please reach out to the teacher.

How do I get ProgressBook and Canvas Login Information?

Please email your child’s grade level counselor to obtain this information.

How do I contact my child’s teachers? 

Please see our Faculty Tab above

How do I set up a Parent/Teacher Conference?

Please contact the grade level office clerk. 

6th Grade: Ms. Starling ext. 5372301                      

7th Grade: Ms. Flo ext. 5372101                

8th Grade: Ms. Quintal ext. 5372232

Our parent/teacher conferences take place at 8:40 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

How do I report an absence /s or turn in an excuse note? 

Students can turn in an absence excuse note to their 1st period teacher, main office or to their grade level office.  Absence excuse notes are subject to approval.  If you have to report an absence/s or have a concern please reach out to our Attendance Clerk Ms. Quintal.  

How do I report an incident that happened at school or on the school bus?

We want to ensure that we are as proactive as possible with any incident presented to us.  Please encourage your child to reach out to our Dean, Mr. Chambers.  

If I am worried about my child’s social and/or emotional wellbeing who can I contact?

Please contact your child’s grade level Counselor.

If I am interested in my child taking an online class off campus, how can we set that up?

Please visit  Have your child set up an account and choose the class they are interested in taking through OCVS (Orange County Virtual School, incorporated into FLVS).  Core classes have to be discussed with Counselor ahead of time.  All courses have to be approved by grade level Counselor in order to start the online class.