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Dear Parents:

This week, our teachers have been busy curating educational resources and creating lessons to help your child continue their education during these unprecedented times. It has truly been a source of pride to see how quickly our teachers jumped into action the second they knew we would need to change the way we have always approached education in a brick and mortar setting. We have always heard the saying, “It takes a village” and during this time, it will most certainly take the work of the teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and parents to maintain learning for all students. Your role as a parent in the continuity and success of your child's education has never been so important. To help support you in this role, we have compiled resources you may find useful.

Coffee Talk with APs  Comunicacion Virtual con las APs 


FAQ’s About Distance Learning:

Parent Role




Technology Access


Parent Role

What is my role as a parent during this period of distance learning?

  •      While many are referring to this period as “homeschooling”, it really isn’t because your child still has teachers who are creating lessons and providing instruction. As a parent, it is your role to help motivate and monitor your child. Help your child create conditions in the home that are conducive to learning. If possible, help them set up a learning space that is free of distraction. If you are able to you are always welcome to help your child academically, but keep in mind ALL of the teachers are accessible and are eager to help. If your child needs help with the content, encourage him/her to contact the teacher. Teachers are required to be available three hours per day (Monday – Friday) for contact time with the students.

As a parent, what can I do to best help my child during this period of distance learning?

  •      As a parent, do your best to be informed of what your child’s teacher is asking your child to do and then MONITOR, MONITOR, MONITOR! Teens are not always the most forthcoming with information, so remember much of the monitoring can be accomplished by using the tools in your Parent Canvas accounts.

     Canvas Help - Update Observer Account Setting
Canvas Help - Using the Canvas Calendar

     Instructions for Creating a Parent Launch (gateway for Canvas & Skyward)

If you parent Launchpad/Skyward account is not working properly, complete the form so we can try to troubleshoot the issue.  Family Access Issues Form

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Do students need to login at a specific time or can they work independently?


  •      Students should be able to work any time that is convenient and should not be required to work at a designated time. This being said, many teachers are offering live sessions during the day and it may be to the student’s advantage to attend the live session.

Will students have assignments/lectures daily? Will they be studying on their own?

  •     The learning will still be directed by the teacher through assignments, videos, lectures, etc all of which can be accessed through Canvas.  Most of the assignments will be completed independently, but many teachers are offering live lessons. Students will need to take a lot more responsibility for their own learning and if they need help reach out to the teachers.

How will the day be organized?

  •      The organization of the day will be almost completely determined by conditions in the home environment. It would be recommended to preview the week’s work and then work with your child to set up a schedule for learning. Students will not travel through their day from period to period like they do when they are at school. They will work during the time that is most convenient in the household.

Will students still have all of their classes? What about electives?

  •      It is the expectation that ALL teachers provide distance learning for their students. This includes core and elective classes. Teachers in each class will provide guidance as to how students will continue to engage in learning.

How can we know if teachers received the work the students did?

  •     Teachers will most likely have students submit assignments through Canvas. When an assignment is submitted, there is a little graphic that says “Submitted”. Parents can check this directly by having their students show them or can check it by looking in their Canvas Parent Observer accounts. If you are worried about assignments not being submitted by your student, contact the teacher directly.

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Will my child be graded during this period of distance learning?


  •      YES!!!! Grades still count for the 4th nine weeks. There has been some misinformation circulating that the Governor said all students will pass this school year no matter what. That is not the case. Just like in years past, a student needs passing grades in each quarter to pass the class. If a child is in danger of failing a class for the year, the counselors will be reaching out as soon as we have more information about summer school.

How can I get my child’s 3rd Quarter report card?

  •      3rd Quarter reports cards will be loaded into the “Portfolio” section of Skyward.

o    Instructions - Skyward Family Access (See pg. 12)

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What does teacher contact time look like for students?


  •      There are many ways for teachers to make themselves available. Some teachers might make themselves available “live” by phone or through web conferencing (Big Blue Button). Some teachers might handle most contact via email. For teachers who are handling contact via email, you could expect teachers to read and respond to emails during their contact window. Teachers should be clearly communicating their contact times and methods.  

I still have not received emails from any of my child’s teachers. What should I do?

  •      If you have not received emails, the likely reason is because your email address is not updated within our Skyward system. Please visit our school webpage and click on the Faculty & Staff link. You can find all of our teacher’s email addresses on this page.

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Technology Access

What if my child’s computer breaks before school is back in session?


  •      Almost all of our OCPS programs are web-based. If you have another internet-connected device in the household, students can continue learning using that device. In many cases, the students can even use a tablet. If using another device is not an option, please call the school to see what options can be provided.

My child's password does not seem to be recognized any more? How can we reset the password?

  • Passwords can be reset if the student brings the device in the vicinity of Innovation MS (or any OCPS school). OCPS wifi extends to the parking lot so the following sequence can be executed from the car. This process will only work if the device is connected to OCPS wifi.
  • At student log on, use the following logon information:
    • username: studentid
    • password: studentid
  • Open Google Chrome and visit http://studentid.ocps.net
  • Sign the AUP and/or reset your password.
  • Log off the device.
  • Log back into the device with your student number as the username and the newly created password. Do this while you are still on OCPS wifi.
  • It should work now!

As a parent, I cannot access Launchpad, Canvas, and Skyward. How can I do that?

  •      All parents should be able to access, but due to some challenges with data migration that might not be the case. If you have never tried to access the parent tools, please try to follow the instructions for creating your account. If after trying, you get errors that no account can be found, please contact the school. Keep in mind, our staff is extremely limited over the next two weeks, but we will do our best to assist.

o    Skyward Sign Up Instructions

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There are no FSA, EOC, or CFE tests this year. How will my child’s grade be affected?


  •      Final grades will be based upon the grades earned during each of the four grading periods. Each quarter will be worth 25%.

My child is enrolled in Algebra I and the EOC is required for graduation. Does my child have to take the EOC and when?

  •      The Algebra I EOC graduation requirement was only waived for this year’s graduating seniors. Our 7th and 8th graders who are currently enrolled in Algebra I will be required to take the EOC at some time in the future. When we have more information we will share.
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