6th Grade Orientation 2020-21

6th Grade Orientation for the 2020-21 School Year

We are very excited to welcome our newest class of Innovation Middle School Phoenixes to "The Nest". We know for everyone it can be a scary time making the transition from elementary to middle school and there are lots of questions. Assistant Principal Baker and her team of talented counselors created this short video to tell parents and students what they can expect in 6th grade. Click on the image below to cue up the video. If still have questions, fill out the form (linked below) and we will post answers to frequently asked questions on this page.

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*Please note: As of 6/16/20 all information contained in the video is based upon the assumption all students are returning to school without any COVD-related modifications. As we get more information from the Florida Department of Education and OCPS regarding COVID-related modifications, we will share updates.

6th Grade Orientation
*Click on the image to view the orientation video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please return as this page will be updated as questions are asked.