Student class schedules will be available on Skyward starting Friday August 7th.

Students can access Skyward via their student Launchpad (
Parents can access Skyward via Family Access (

**Please note scheduling changes will continue to occur even after they have been released on August 7th. Our counselors are working very hard to reschedule students into appropriate Face-to-Face and [email protected] sections. **

[email protected] Students
[email protected] students will begin instruction via [email protected] on August 10th. Students will follow their 7 period bell schedule from 9:30 am - 3:57 pm. 

For Face-to-Face Students:
Students who have selected the face-to-face option will begin instruction via [email protected] on August 10th. F2F students will report to the Innovation MS campus starting Friday, August 21st.

Teachers will begin reaching out to their students' families starting Friday, August 7th by email. If you don't receive emails, it may be because your email address on file is not accurate. Feel free to reach out to the teachers using your updated email address. You can find their email addresses on our Faculty & Staff Webpage.

Check out the [email protected] Planner to assist you with time management! (Click on the image below for a printable PDF version for each grade level)

LaunchED Planning Sheet

Having schedule issues?

Use our Guidance Schedule Change form to submit your concern.

Schedule issues might include one or more of the following:
-Incorrect course
-Duplicate course
-Blank period on schedule
-Wrong instructional mode (Face-to-Face or LaunchED)

Due to limited course offerings we may not be able to accommodate schedule changes for:
-A desire to have a different elective  (e.g. I have Art but would rather have STEM)

We are unable to accommodate schedule changes because of a desire to have a different teacher.