Media Services

The Library, Digital and Device Care team is providing services for students, Face2Face & [email protected], by appointments only.


Library Services, Digital and Device Care Schedule



Student Type

Appointment Types


M, T, R, F

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

[email protected]

Open Device Care - No appointment necessary

Laptop issues, log in issues, etc

Gym Concession Stand (Bld 4)

By Appointment only                            Ongoing


Laptop Issues

Login/Access Issues


Student will be pulled from class to the nearest Collaboration Space


Library services

 Ongoing  Both [email protected] and Face2Face  Media center book check out  LaunchED students will pick up books in front office

Face2Face students - books will be delivered to classroom

Glossary of Services

Laptop Issues: This is something not working properly – won’t charge, screen is black, won’t turn on, damaged, camera is not working, etc.

Login/Access Issues: You are unable to login to your laptop, you are missing classes in Canvas, you cannot access Skyward, you cannot access your online textbooks, your Google account isn’t working, etc.

Need a Laptop: You do not have an OCPS device checked out to you.

Need a Hotspot: You do not have access to internet at home.

Library Materials: This when a student would like to check-out a book from our IMS library.

Ask a Librarian: This is when a student needs help accessing a resource, trying to figure out how to make something work digitally, can’t seem to find an answer to something, etc.