Theatre 3

Theatre 3 FLDOE Course Description

Students continue to build skills and knowledge as they explore aspects of theatre. Students explore theatre history, study the great American playwrights, examine the cultural and historical contributions to theatre, and improve their theatre knowledge and skills. Students learn about and begin to use the basic elements of theatre design through practical application and projects. Public performances may serve as a culmination of specific instructional goals. Students may be required to attend and/or participate in rehearsals and performances outside the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom.

Virtual Auditions are happening now for placement into the 2020-21 Theatre 3 class!

If you are interested in auditioning for our Advanced Theatre (Theatre 3) course next year, please fill out the form below. Auditions need to be uploaded by FRIDAY, MAY 1st.

 Fill out the form to audition:

 You will need to prepare a monologue(below) and a vocal audition, which both need to be uploaded. They should be done in one take, and not edited together. For your monologue, please act out the monologue below, and for the vocal audition, please sing 16 bars of your favorite Disney song (from a movie). You may have a backing track in the back, but please no lyrics. If you mess up, that's totally fine, don't stop, just go with it. No performance is perfect, I would rather see you adjust to a real mistake, than taking many versions and choosing the best. Remember, if we were in school, you would only have one attempt.


When do I need to fill out the form?
Your audition needs to be done by Friday, May 1. There are no exceptions. Submit starting 4/18. You only submit once

Who needs to audition?

Anyone who wants to be in the advanced class. If you are currently in Theatre 2 (periods 4 or 5) you DO need to audition for theatre 3. It is an audition only class!

Who is eligible to audition? Can you audition if you have never taken theatre at IMS?
Everyone in the school is able to audition. You do not need to be in a theatre class to audition.

What if you are not a singer, but you want to be in theatre 3?
That's ok! Part of what I am looking for is someone willing to try things, even if they are not good at them yet.

 What monologue do i do?
Ipad Fury- monologue is below

Is there a different monologue for boys and girls?
No. Everyone does the same monologue

Do I need to memorize it?
No, but you want to be very familiar with it. You can have the paper with you, but you should showcase your acting ability.


Cast: Male (or female)

Age range: children

Genre: Children/Comedy

Setting: A minivan in a driveway

Description: JUSTIN, a boy, 5-15 years old, is sitting in the driver’s side of his mom’s Toyota Sienna minivan. The keys are in the ignition, the doors are locked. The window is open about 1 inch. Justin’s mom is standing next to the driver’s side of the car, locked out. Justin informs her what needs to happen before he will open the car door. And it involves an ipad.



Just because I’m not a teenager yet doesn’t mean I can’t drive a car. You think I won’t do it? I might not be good at it, but remember how long it took me to tie my shoes? I had those laces in knots no one knew what to do with, for years, but I didn’t stop. I just kept practicing. You say it’s good to be a hard worker. Well, my strength is also my weakness, I guess. Look at how that came to bite you, Mom. Because you know all it would take is for me to put this Sienna in reverse. Just back it out of the driveway nice and slow or maybe not nice and slow. Maybe fast and furious or whatever. Maybe I’d knock into Mrs. DeLibero’s trash cans. Or her flag post. You can’t stop me. You’re on the other side now. Doors are locked. Keys in the ignition. How does that feel, Mom? Who’s acting like a kid now? Banging on the window, screaming for the neighbors to hear? Huh? So. You want me to run away in this car or are you ready to give me my ipad back?

If you have any other questions, please email [email protected]