School Supply Lists

We issue a digital device to all students, but traditional school supplies will still be needed.

Please purchase HEADPHONES for your child.  They will need these in most classes.

We also strongly suggest that you BUY AN ADDITIONAL CHARGER for their LAPTOPS and leave the school issued one at home (it's cheaper to replace a lost personal charger than the school one AND they can decorate their personal charger so they know its theirs at school)

Algebra and Geometry Students:
- Graphing Notebook
All 7th Grade Math and Up:
- Texas Instruments TI-30xa Scientific Calculator (PLEASE make sure you do NOT get the Graphing Calculator)

Social Studies
Civics Students:
Plain Yellow Manila Folders- 12 count
1/2 in or 1 in BINDER to keep folders in
Composition Notebook 

Physical Education
PE Uniforms and locks will be sold at Meet the Teacher and the 1st Week of School:

PE Uniform includes an athletic shirt and shorts for $20 (or $10 each).  Students must wear the uniform and shoes that tie each day for PE.

$5 will be charged to rent a locker, with locks provided by the school, however a $5 charge will incur for each lost or damaged lock.

Parents often ask,"Will the gym lockers hold my child's backpack?"
The answer is, "Yes!"

Things that will be useful and helpful for all students using their digital device may include

- Mouse
- Headphones (earbuds)
- Stylus for touch screens
- Cleaning Materials to keep at home to maintain a clean device
- Case to protect device.  (Media Center has sleeves for $20)

All teachers may ask for unique, individual supplies dependent upon their course, and though we will utilize our digital devices for the majority of work, students should still always have these minimum school supplies daily (please plan on them needing these the entire year, and we suggest stocking up for when they may run out in a few months)

- Pencils
- Pens
- Handheld Pencil Sharpener
- Notebook Paper
- Highlighters
- Colored Pencils/Markers
- Glue Sticks

Please see each teacher for specific items needed for that class.